Friday, May 25, 2007

The Memphis 411 Salutes Boston's Fine Jewelry!

The Memphis 411 salutes Memphis Jeweler, Anthony J. Currie and his company Boston's Fine Jewelry. He was featured in an interview by the online magazine,Goodtaste International.Com. Mr. Currie, also known as Tony Currie, is a prominent Memphis businessman that is destined for greater things! His company has been received with much excitement!

View Anthony Currie Interview

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Memphis has some rough spots. View this video and make up yourown mind.

Al Green

The Memphis 411 salutes Memphis Legend Rev. Al Green!

Bucking in Memphis

They are bucking in Memphis,Tennessee.

Bishop Patterson's Memorial and Funeral Services

The late Bishop G. E. Patterson's homegoing services was something to behold. The Memphis 411 will post the following clips of these services!

The Memphis 411 Salutes Blogging Black.Com

We salute Blogging Black.Com. This site has one of the greatest blogrolls in the blogosphere.

New Path Memphis

New Path is a new political action group that is stirring up the Memphis political scene!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

When the Teachers Get Into It

These Memphis Teachers are stepping at a pep rally and I would surmise that some of their stepping days are over. Great effort however! Teachers can have fun too!

Hispanic in Memphis

Hispanics are moving to Memphis in great numbers. Watch this video called Hispanic in Memphis.

The Shawne Williams Story

Shawne Williams didn't have the best rookie season in the NBA. We are still proud of him. Have a better year next year Shawne!

The Memphis 411 Salutes Preach Stephen.Com

The Memphis 411 salutes the blog Preach Stephen.Com.

Mid South Black.Com or Memphis Minority Online.Com

The Memphis 411 sends a shout out to one of America's top diversity websites, Memphis Minority Online.Com/Mid South Black.Com.

University of Memphis Basketball

The University of Memphis basketball team is coming off of another stellar season. The team only loses one player, Jeremy Hunt, to graduation. The back to back Elite 8 appearances has Tiger fans hungry for a national championship. Here are several video clips to show what Memphis fans should be excited about. They are video clips of Derrick Rose and Jeff Robinson. Both of these talented newcomers should contribute and help take our stellar team to the next level. This upcoming season will be filled with expectations and hopefully this is the year we will win the big one!