Friday, November 17, 2006

Rev. Floyd Flake

New York Daily News -
Rev Invested in God & Man

Monday, November 13th, 2006

"My father told us never to invest in improving someone else's property," the Rev. Floyd Flake tells his visitor. "He only had a fifth-grade education, but knew that you put your money into things you own."

With the 2008 mayoral election looming and people urging him to run, you have to wonder how the former congressman and current full-time pastor of the Greater Allen AME Cathedral of New York in Jamaica, Queens, plans to broker his winning investment in Tuesday's election.

Flake, 61, is on a first-name basis with almost all of the local Democratic Party politicians who helped take over the statehouse and Congress. Most of the New York delegations journeyed out to southwestern Queens in the days before the final tally seeking Flake's endorsement.

"Bill and Hillary were here last week," Flake says. "Eliot and David, Alan, they all have been here."

That's ex-President Bill and Sen. Hillary Clinton; Gov.-elect Eliot Spitzer and his running mate, David Paterson, and embattled but comfortably reelected state Controller Alan Hevesi.

Those political heavyweights came to Allen to see Flake, who over his 28 years in the pulpit has seen the 1,500-member congregation explode to more than 23,000. The church has an annual budget of more than $34 million and holdings, mostly property and businesses the church has developed in and around Jamaica and St. Albans, Queens, valued at more than $140 million.

Allen AME was once the second-largest employer of African-Americans in the state, behind Beatrice Foods. Four years ago, it ranked in the mid-50s among the top 100 African-American-owned corporations in the country.

The church is building 54 apartments and several ground-floor retail shops directly across Merrick Blvd. from its front door. The Allen Affordable Housing Complex is scheduled to open this spring.

It will join 300 units of senior housing the church owns a short distance away, a retail complex up the street and more than 100 two-family houses the church has built under Flake's stewardship, most while using a system of state and federal tax credits and by leveraging the equity in other church property.

Those two-family houses, which sold for $89,000 when they were built, now command $250,000 or more, he said.

"We've been building for over 30 years," Flake said on a drive through the Jamaica community. "We started buying land way back, when most surveys were saying the middle-class community in Queens was in decline."

Flake, newly arrived at what was then Allen African Methodist Episcopal Church, said he did his own survey and found that the average household income in the Jamaica, St. Albans and Cambria Heights communities was actually higher than in surrounding communities.

The latest U.S. Census Bureau data show that, at $52,000 a year, average African-American household incomes in several South Queens communities - including Jamaica and St. Albans - surpasses that of the average of whites in Queens.

Flake said Allen's construction projects attracted more private development to the area, increasing the housing and business stock each year.

"Private developers came in and built up projects next to ours," he said. "Other private owners came in and built more. Over the years that changed the face of the community. You can barely find a vacant lot around here where someone is not building something."

It helped, Flake said, that he spent his six terms in Congress - 1986-97 - as a centrist who would work with colleagues from either side of the aisle.

"My focus was on community development," he said. "I was not there to ingratiate myself with the powers that be."

Flake said Allen anchored southern Queens property values and positioned the community for a rebirth, while African-American communities like Harlem did not fare as well.

"Calvin [Butts, pastor of Abyssinian Baptist Church] did well with development, but some of the Harlem leadership did not perceive the nature of the land," Flake said. Versed in civil rights doctrine intent on ending racial discrimination, Flake contends that Harlem politicians wanted to tell of the wrongs inflicted on their community but sometimes underestimated the importance of development.

"They spoke truth to power. I was about getting economic power to the people," he said. "You have to do more than talk about what is not being done. The transition from civil rights to civil living has not taken place. You don't get ready for the future by only talking about the past."

So will he run to replace Michael Bloomberg, the Republican mayor he crossed party lines to endorse during Bloomberg's first campaign? Flake's not sure, saying his age at election time and the expected strong candidacies of Rep. Anthony Weiner and City Controller William Thompson will be factors in his decision.

Still, "I'll have to take a serious look at it," Flake said. "Once you've been in politics, you never want to say you'll never go back."

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Speaking Pentecostal

Anointing:Used to describe any non-regular emotion (crying in the middle of a song when you forget the words, telling the church off (particularly when its over tithes and offering), doing the Olympic shout around the church (first one that hits the wall gets a white hanky tied around their neck!) ( I won't lie...I have ran around my church a coupla times....shoot it felt good!)

Trick of the Enemy:Used to describe anything that happens because you didn't do what you were supposed to, like your car getting repossessed cause you didn't pay the note, lights getting shut off cause you quit work to go on tour with the pastors choir, or your child repeating the first grade cause he missed the whole second semester to go on a 90 day/90 night fast and consecration. (The Enemy done played some tricks on me )

*Of course, we know there is grace*

Rhema Word:Any message from an out-of-town pastor or evangelist. (Yeah ...I love them)

Prophetic Word:Same message from that out-of-town pastor, delivered 5 decibels louder, while the congregation is standing. Quiet organ music optional, but works better with silence. (Def with the music)

Carnal:Used to describe a saint who goes to the movies. This term doesn't apply if you rent the same movie from Blockbuster. ( I saw a couple from church at the movies and they looked like deer in some headlights....I know they didnt want to see me LOL)

Didn't God Move?:What saints say after a long service where the pastor doesn't preach and they just shout the whole service. (Sholl is right!!! Love that)

Unlock Your Blessing: What preachers say after they've finished preaching, and they say you must give $50 to "unlock your blessing." For a more dramatic effect, this offering can be started at $1,000 and worked down to $25. ( You ain't never lie)

He'll Do It If You Let Him (followed by inaudible tongues): Round one of shouting; will begin in 5 minutes. Organist Get Ready ( I'm getting ready too LOL)

We Got To Move On: What the preacher says when he wants shout time to start up again. Organist, turn up the volume on the Leslie. (HMM)

We Have Time for One More Testimony: Not really, we're just waiting on the pastor to come into service. If you're called on during this one, when you hear clapping, just stop talking, cause the pastor has walked in and people are no longer interested in what God did for you. (I fell out on this one...cause I've seen it happen and I thought the same thing)

We Can Never Pay for the Word: Get your checkbook out, the auction will begin momentarily! This phrase always comes before the offering is taken for the guest speaker. ( They do say that)

God Has Been Dealing with Me on Some Issues: I'm still doing what I was doing before I got saved, only now I just put in an extra $5 in my offering when I do it. (Oh my goodness)

Is He Worthy?: Of course He is; why ask a question like that. (Exactly)

Let Us Go To God in Our Own Way: This is what you say when they ask you to pray in church and you don't know what to say.

Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready!!!: Don't really know what this one means, but if you're not careful, a shout could break out when you say it. It must be said three times to have real impact.

I Can't Get No Help: Preachers say this when no one says amen in the spot they thought would get a lot of amens.

I'm Blessed and Highly Favored: Said when a fellow saint asks "how are you?" Memo to saints: you CAN be saved and answer "fine" when someone asks how are you.

Where The Spirit of The Lord is, There is liberty: Whenever you want to disrupt service and holler out when it's quiet, use this statement to justify your behavior.

Get Ready To Go To The Next Level: This means the church will be hosting another revival in a few months.

Stand To Your Feet: This gives the illusion that the preacher is finished, but be prepared to stand up for at least 1/2 hour. May be cut to 15 minutes if the organist starts playing softly.

Give God a Shabach: Scream to the top of your lungs. Some church members may blow whistles and wave flags as well.

Every Head Bowed, Every Eye Closed: Quick! Everyone look around to see who's getting saved again this week.

Secular: Any person, place, object or event that's not in the church.

The "Yes Lord" Song: Signals the official end to shout time. Anyone still shouting when this song is over is considered to be "in self".

In Self: Used to describe someone who acts alone in church. For example, someone who is shouting alone. Add two more people to this display and its called...

In The Spirit: When three people are doing the same thing in a church service at the same time.

Prayer Partner: Phone buddy. 5 minutes of prayer, 1 hour of church gossiping.
(definitions also apply to COGIC, Charismatic and most anything seen on TBN... not that there's anything wrong with that! ;)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

New Website Sparks Outrage!

Nigga - This is truly ridiculous!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Barack Obama for President?

Any takers? He's got our vote!

Memphis Prepares for 99th Annual COGIC Convocation!

The Saints Are Coming! Memphis Prepares for 99th Annual COGIC Convocation!
You know you're COGIC when:

1. You refer to any women who's slightly older than you as "mother"

2. You think a woman is dressed because they have on a hat that is
either 3 feet wide or has feathers or rhinestones all over it

3. You're a man and you don't feel your outfit is complete without a
pair of cufflinks (preferably the COGIC seal ones)

4. You refer to the trip that the COGIC saints take in November as
Memphis instead of the Holy Convocation

5. You can sing your behind off while barely trying

6. People think you are "grand" ... hey you are a part of the grand
ole church

7. People come up to you and say how is Bishop Patterson doing like
you go home to see him every night

8. You take pride everytime you hear someone sing "YES" in knowing
that your founder BISHOP C. H. MASON wrote it

9. If someone says the words Church of God in Christ or the acronym
COGIC, you feel a quickening

10. You buy at least 3 new outfits and a new mink every year

11. You're used to seeing people wear minks in 60 degree weather

12. You leave church (especially in memphis) and go to one of the
following to stuff your face: Denny's, the buffet, TGI Fridays, the
diner, thee waffle house, pigglywiggly's, the Marriot, Catfish
Cabin, or IHOP

13. You don't think it's normal for a church service to pass without
someone dancing, falling out, speakiing in tongues, etc.

14. You take pride in knowing that there is a bond between you and
the following: the Clark Sisters (Twinkie, Jacky, Dorinda & Karen),
Tamela & David Mann, Timothy Wright, J Moss, Kim Burrell, Michelle
Williams, Kierra Kiki Sheard, Judith Christie McAllister, and the
many other gospel artists who are(or at least got their start) in
the COGIC fold

15. If you can finish this song ... "This is the ...

This was borrowed from a sister who posted this on her MySpace page at

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Don't Rent Your School Out to Everyone!

Online Video of Rap Concert at Northside High in Memphis,Tennessee! This is too wild!

Monday, October 02, 2006

African American Neckwear Firm

Powder Springs, GA -Clothing retailer and boutiques alike will be excited about 3 new innovative and patented designer neckties that are called The Diamond Cut, The Circle Cut and The Square Cut neckties under the private labels of Shamel James for men and the Ellese Morgan collections for women.

Designed and patented by Melvin and Traci Bryant of Mo'Twin Designs, Inc. The company is the first and only business to create its own line of designer cut neckties designed exclusively for men and women. The unique features of the necktie designs are in the shape and cut of the ties.

"For many years, the traditional necktie has been worn to compliment the attire of millions of individual who wears them, however there has been no reasonable change to the cut of the necktie until now," says President and C.E.O. Melvin J. Bryant II.

"We designed our neckties to give necktie wearers a choice as to what style and cut of necktie they would like to wear with their attire, also to add diversity to the traditional necktie market."

The company launched their new line of designer neckties in January 2006 at the Atlanta Apparel Mart. Established in June of 2005, the neckties are very unique and impressive in their designs and will create a new trend for the necktie industry.

Additional information:
Retail cost: $49.99 - $65.00

Melvin or Traci Bryant


It's Hard Out Here for a Sister!

Los Angeles, CA-Clean Heart Productions releases a gripping cinematic journey into the realities facing today's successful, saved, single African-American women nationwide this fall in documentary, SOULMATE. According to the 2004 U.S. Census, 42.3% of all African-American women have never been married. This staggering statistic is one of many reflected throughout this deeply personal portrait which reveals the trials and triumphs of unforgettable women while offering hope and practical advice on issues such as loneliness, the desire for sexual intimacy and the ticking biological clock. Having already received rave reviews from private screenings across the country, acclaimed veteran television writer/producer and founder of Clean Heart Productions, Andrea Wiley, has produced a revolutionary film which she hopes will not only impact the body of Christ, but popular culture as well.

SOULMATE brings you face to face with the stark realities facing today's single, professional African American women such as:

* Black women are five times more likely to remain single at 40 than white women.

* Unlike any other race, Black women have higher educational attainment than black men.

* The more money and education a black woman has, the less likely she is to ever get married or have children.

* Almost 70% of all new cases of HIV/AIDS are black women.

* AIDS is the number one killer of black women between the ages of 25 and 44.

When asked why she embarked upon a film project on singleness when Wiley herself is a married mother of two, Wiley replies, "While working as Executive Producer on 'The Parkers' during its final year, I began to sense God calling me into a new season and into His purpose for my life." Shortly after the show wrapped, Wiley's sense was confirmed after two successful, single girlfriends, in separate conversations, bared their souls about single life behind the masks. "My heart went out to them and it was as though God said, 'This is it. Tell this story.'"

Beyond the friends and associates that gathered to share their journeys, SOULMATE offers insight and wisdom on coping with singleness in a God-centered way from some of the nation's most dynamic Christian leaders: Bishop Kenneth C. Ulmer, senior pastor of Faithful Central Bible Church in Inglewood, CA--of which 66% of his 11,000 plus membership are singles; speaker, singer, former advertising agent and New York Times best selling author of Sassy, Single and Satisfied, Michelle McKinney Hammond; Rev. Dr. Cynthia Hale, senior pastor of Ray of Hope Christian Church in Decatur, GA; actress/comedienne Sherri Shepherd; and senior pastor Donald Bell of Covenant Blessing Fellowship Church, Gardena, CA, among others.

"SOULMATE gives voice to the thoughts of successful, single women who love God, but desire a mate. Each opinion shared by the interviewees speaks to the heart and soul of every single woman. The advice given is insightful and necessary, and the reflections are heart wrenching and real. I recommend that SOULMATE be viewed not only by singles, but by churches across the country so that spiritual leadership can get a clearer picture of the challenges single Christian women face on a daily basis," comments Kimberley Brooks, author of He's Fine...But is He Saved?

"African-American women have faced what seems like insurmountable obstacles, trials and tribulations. But in the midst of these storms that have raged for centuries, there is a special blessing and strength that God has bestowed to our women. In looking at the number of African-American women who find themselves without their 'soul mate', I must first urge our women and anyone seeking a mate to address the 'soul' and establish an intimate relationship with God...," adds Bishop Eddie L. Long, senior pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, GA.

For those still waiting to exhale, SOULMATE penetrates the myriad of emotions felt by women at pivotal moments and stages in their lives. This inspiring film also offers some surprising revelations about the quest for one's true...Soulmate.

SOULMATE is available for purchase at

To book or sponsor a DVD screening, please send your request to For all media inquiries, including interview and speaking requests, please contact Candace D. Reese via email at or via phone at (678) 754-8881.

Andrea Wiley has enjoyed successful careers in both corporate and entertainment industries. As an acclaimed television writer/producer and screenwriter, she has amassed a body of work that includes numerous high profile network comedy series', including "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," starring Will Smith, "The Parent Hood," The Jamie Foxx Show," "The Steve Harvey Show," "Malcolm and Eddie" and most recently, "The Parkers," starring Mo'nique, on which she served as the Executive Producer. Wiley is the director and producer of her fourth documentary, entitled SOULMATE, and has formed her own Los Angeles production company, Clean Heart Productions. The film web site is

Clean Heart Productions is a Christian-based, multi-media company. The company's mission is to bring attention to the power of the Christian faith, by illustrating scriptural principles in a relevant, relatable and irresistible manner. It was further formed to be a 'change agent' in popular culture by presenting the uncompromising Gospel to audiences everywhere.

Envision Consulting Services, Inc., owned and controlled by Candace D. Reese, is a results-oriented, full-service public relations boutique, helping clients reach their business visions and create new corporate images, through effective communications and public relations management. Services include, but are not limited to Publicist, Media Tours, Advertising Agent, Event Marketing/Management, Seasonal Promotions, Community Relations, Multi-Media Buyer/Consultant, Motivational/Training Seminars, and Marketing/Public Relations Consultant. The company web address is


What Can We Do to Curtail the Violence in Memphis?

Memphis has garnered the unfortunate title of the America's second most dangerous city. What can we do about it?

Christian Website Recommendations!


The Official Launch of Homecoming Season Launches at H2O on The Waterfront

Washington, DC ( -, the internet's premiere destination portal for Black Christians, is hosting "The Official Homecoming Block Party" at H2O Restaurant & Lounge on Sunday, October 1st from 3pm-7pm. This event is Strictly for the "Grown & Saved".

CALLING ALL ALUMNI! Join us as we kickoff Homecoming Season! Come represent your Alma Mater! We're encouraging ALL Alumni from local colleges, national colleges, HBCU's, High Schools, and Greek Organizations!

(Wear your school Alumni colors or Greek paraphanalia).
We're bringin' "The Yard" to FIRST SUNDAYS!

Steppin' LIVE: Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi, Alpha Phi Alpha, and more!

Special Invited Organizations: Alpha Kappa Alpha, Delta Sigma Theta, Phi Beta Sigma, Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi, Zeta Phi Beta, Sigma Gamma Rho, Alpha Phi Alpha, and Iota Phi Theta

Performing LIVE: Holy Hip Hop artist "ASON", Urban Gospel artists "R.E.A.L.", and soloist "SONYA PASS".
Music spun by DJ ROBB-O and DJ TAK-NIC

* 21 and OVER
* CASUAL ATTIRE (School or Greek colors OPTIONAL)

Sunday October 1st
H2O Restaurant & Lounge
800 Water Street SW Washington, DC

About First Sundays
First Sundays, "A New Christian Experience", is the official monthly networking social of, and is designed exclusively for Young Professional Christians (21 and over). Every First Sunday of the month, come out and network, meet new people, and enjoy great Gospel music and a delightful buffet.

We Salute Pastor Kenneth T. Whalum Jr.'s Bust A Move Moday

View their awesome concept at

Dr. Claud Anderson

We recommend his website Powernomics! The website is located at

Hot New African American Clothing Line!


David Hutcherson

Wilberforce, OH ( - LP Apparel, a new innovative clothing line that is destined to take over the fashion world, is becoming the biggest trend to hit Historical Black Colleges and University's.

Founded by CEO, David Hutcherson in April 2004, LP Apparel was first known for the LIVEPROUD(TM) wristband, primarily sold on college campuses. With a concept parallel to LIVESTRONG® fashions, Hutcherson produced the red, black and green tinted LIVEPROUD(TM) silicone wristband. The purpose of the wristband is to serve as a testament of hope, a way of encouragement and a representation of pride for the African American race.

Following the success of the LIVEPROUD(TM) wristband fad, Hutcherson executed a bigger vision thus launching LP Apparel in August 2005. Each design created for the clothing line sets Hutcherson apart from many other designers. The mission of LP Apparel is to provide consumers an opportunity to empower themselves and raise social awareness of the African American community. "I live by the phrase 'Reflection of the soul'. Most people do not know the meaning behind the attire they wear or the symbols they display on their clothes. I decided to promote and create a clothing line that has a positive meaning for African Americans and serve as an exhibit of our history and unity," said Hutcherson.

Since 2005, LP Apparel has grown tremendously and has become one of the most talked about clothing lines among African American college students. Consumers can find a wide collection of men and women t-shirts, in all sizes, which offer diverse style and a positive meaning. LP Apparel will continue to expand with original styles of LP Apparel jewelry, jackets, polo's, pants and much more, which can be found on the Official LP Apparel website.

Hutcherson is a graduating senior, at Wilberforce University, majoring in business management. A Chicago native, Hutcherson has attended several college job fairs, served as a host for Russell Simmons Convocation at Wilberforce University, attended The African Festival in Indianapolis, IN, and hosted an exclusive LP Apparel fashion show in Wilberforce, OH.

For more information about LP Apparel, please visit or call (773) 426-0147.

Gospel Superfest 3


The Most Widely Distributed Gospel Television Show Sets the Stage for Gospel's Greatest Superstars

New York, NY - This year's Gospel Superfest will feature great Superstars, including two of Hollywood's finest, Vivica A. Fox and Clifton Davis. The duo rejoins the live taping of Gospel Superfest- New York 3. This star-studded event will take place on Friday, October 27 and Saturday, October 28, 2006 at the Christian Cultural Center located at 12020 Flatlands Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11207.

Veteran host and actor, Clifton Davis, from NBC's Amen, will once again be accompanied by Hollywood "A List" actress/producer Vivica A. Fox (from Lifetime Television's MISSING and most recently ABC's Dancing With The Stars-2006). In addition, get ready for foot stomping, hand clapping, and high praising with special guests John P. Kee & New Life, Byron Cage, Howard Hewett, Ricky Dillard & New G, Melvin Williams, Karen Clark Sheard, Gary Anglin, Martha Munizzi, Lashell Griffin (Oprah Winfrey Pop Star Challenge Winner), Shirley Murdock, Dr. Leonard Scott, James Hall & Worship & Praise, Freda Battle & The Temple Worshippers, TONEX, Hezekiah Walker & LFC, Dorinda Clark Cole, Kierra Ki Ki Sheard, Tye Tribbett & Greater Anointing, J Moss, 2102, John Cook, Malissa Redmond, The Anointed Pace Sisters, The McClurkin Project, The Singletons, and many more.

This explosive two-day recording event will again take place at three-thousand seat auditorium of The Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn, New York, where the honorable Dr. A.R. Bernard is Pastor and Founder.

The Gospel Superfest TV Series is the most widely distributed gospel television show in domestic syndication (Source: Nielsen Media Research 2003 – 2005) and is one of the leading gospel programs distributed to Christian cable networks, including The Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), The Word Network, and the Daystar TV Network. The show is in syndication with networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX. It reaches approximately 94 million TV households with each broadcast. The producers expect this season's broadcasts to reach approximately 95 percent of all U.S. television households via an estimated 250 TV stations nationwide.

This year, the three-hour nightly recording sessions will feature a variety of music, dance, and comedy. "We are sure that everyone in attendance will have an awesome time as the artists minister God's word through song," said Executive Producer, Dr. Bobby Cartwright. This event promises to be life changing and a pivotal industry event, as the Superfest returns to New York for the third consecutive year.

Gospel Superfest "Live New York" is sponsored by CCCMG, the in-house record label of the Christian Cultural Center and by Cartwright Television Ventures, LLP . Sponsors in syndication include General Motors, Procter & Gamble and Kraft Foods. Event Co-sponsors include The Word Network, Zomba Gospel, Blackberry Records, Canvas Records, Tyscot Records and Rejoice Musical Soul Food.

Over seven-thousand (7,000) people are expected to attend from all over the world, including Africa, Bermuda, and Europe. The sessions take place on Friday, Oct 27th at 8:00pm and Oct. 28th, 2005 at 7:30pm. Tickets for these historic recording session(s) are available at all Ticketmaster outlets ( and at the Christian Cultural Center ( For additional information please contact the Gospel Superfest New York-3 Hotline at 212-631-4200 or visit

For more information and to request media coverage, contact Alicia Smith at or Judy Groover at or 1-877-235-2186.

About Gospel Superfest
Gospel Superfest Television is a production of United Television, LLC of Ohio. It was divinely inspired and created by show executive producer, Dr. Bobby Cartwright, Jr. in 1998 and was first implemented in 2000. Sessions have been held in, Louisville, KY; Columbus, OH; Raleigh, NC; Jacksonville, FL; and Atlanta, GA prior to landing in New York City in 2004. Gospel Superfest is one of the most widely distributed TV programs in black gospel music with distribution quarterly at over ninety-two percent of all US TV households

About the Hosts
Vivica A. Fox - Fox is a dynamic actress and producer, starring in such films as Independence Day, Batman and Robin, Set It Off, Kingdom Come, Kill Bill Vol I and Kill Bill Vol II. She is currently starring in and is the co-executive producer of the Lifetime Channel's hit series, Missing. Fox received the "Lady of Soul 2003 Lena Horne Career Achievement Award", as well as "MTV Movie" and "NAACP Image Award" nominations for her past performances. Vivica's most recent TV role includes ABC's Dancing With The Stars where she is a contestant.

Clifton Davis - Davis is an actor, singer, composer, producer, and minister, sharing his unique talents with audiences around the world for more than 25 years. Clifton is best known for his 5-year run as Reverend Rueben Gregory on the popular NBC television series, Amen. He has been a guest star on such shows as The Jamie Foxx Show, Living Single, Malcolm & Eddie, Party of Five, and The Sentinel. Davis returns to Gospel Superfest TV for the seventh consecutive year.


Was Oprah Correct in Cheering Obama in 2008?


By Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Even before Oprah Winfrey cheer led Illinois Senator Barack Obama for President in 2008 on Larry King Live, Obama for President 2008 bumper stickers, mugs, and tee shirts were hot ticket sellers on websites. Internet chat rooms pulse with talk about an Obama presidency run, and Chicago papers run articles speculating about the prospects of an Obama candidacy. Though Obama hasn’t said anything about his plans, the Democratic Party’s newest telegenic, shining star has to be flattered by the clamor for him to toss his hat in the ring. But that’s what it should stay, flattery.

Obama is not the shot in the arm the Democrats need to take back Congress and the White House in 2008. He is too new on the political scene, too untested, too politically nice, too liberal, and most of all he’s an African-American.

Those factors make it virtually impossible for Obama to pry one, let alone, two states away from the Southern Republican bloc. The solid South, that is the South that is mostly white, conservative and male, pro war, anti-big government, vehemently opposes any political tilt to minorities, and is heavily influenced by ultra conservative Bible Belt fundamentalism. These political attributes are the exact antithesis of Obama’s political appeal, pitch and thrust (despite his tepid plea for the Dems to court the Christian fundamentalists). The Southern strategy has proven to be a winning formula for GOP presidents Nixon, Reagan, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr.

A presidential candidate also must raise mega millions, get their party’s official stamp, and appeal to conservative, white middle-class voters outside the South. Obama showed in his walk over Senate race in Illinois in 2004 that he can corral the big bucks. During the campaign he raised a record four million dollars in a three-month span. But that was a state race. A presidential bid is far different. To prove that he’s a viable candidate, and bag the money, he must preach a centrist, conservative message of family values, tax fairness, and military preparedness. He simply hasn’t been on the political scene long enough to sell that message and open the money spigots. And he’d need every penny he could get. The Republican contender will have a united party behind him (or her) and have mountains of cash.

Obama won’t send conservative evangelical Christians scurrying to the barricades to defeat him. That dubious distinction, if Jerry Fallwell’s recent Devil reference to Hillary Clinton is to be believed belongs to her. But as a liberal, and African-American they will be hyper wary of him.

Then there’s the issue of race. Obama did reasonably well in neutralizing, if not totally breaking down the reservations of many whites in Illinois to vote for a black candidate. But his opponent was the lightly regarded, fill-in outsider, Alan Keyes, who also is an African-American. Many Republicans in the state sat that one out. It will be a far different story if Obama hits the national campaign trail. While polls show that more whites than ever are willing to vote for a black candidate for state and local offices, there is yet no evidence that that openness extends over to a vote for a black candidate for the presidency.

In fact, white males more than any other group have bought the Republican’s anti-government, anti-liberal line. Bush bagged more than sixty percent of the white male vote in 2004. The percentage of the white male vote that a white male Republican candidate likely will get won’t change much in 2008. If Obama is the Democrat of choice, that percentage the Republican might get might jump even higher. Colin Powell found that out when he briefly toyed with a presidential run in 1996. Despite his enormous popularity, and cross over appeal, he ultimately decided not to run, and one of the reasons was his concern that race would be an issue and a liability.

The Republicans will likely pour millions into beefing up their diversity pitch among blacks and Latinos. They will tout Bush’s minority business, homeownership, and education initiatives as a better deal for minorities than anything the Democrats have to offer. That claim won’t convince the majority of blacks to vote Republican. But it could pare down the number that dash to the polls to vote for Obama. Even if Obama got the overwhelming majority of black votes, which is likely, that’s not terribly significant. Any Democrat that runs will do just as well with black voters.

The Democrats hope to retake the White House rests on their ability to find a white male candidate populist enough to convince a significant number of swing state voters that a Democrat in the White House is a real alternative to the GOP policies on the war, the economy, health care, immigration and energy issues, and centrist enough to convince them that he is as tough on terrorism and as big an advocate of a strong military as the GOP.

That’s a tall order. Obama is not the man that can fill it, at least not in 2008.

Columnist Earl Ofari Hutchinson is a political analyst and social issues commentator, and the author of The Emerging Black GOP Majority (Middle Passage Press, September 2006), a hard-hitting look at Bush and The GOP’s court of black voters. For order information, see

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She is the designer of the following sites

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Who is Memphis' Premier African American Clothier?

Is It?
Troy Watson?
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Rev. Eric Givens?
Rev. Zebelum Rushing?
Rev. Clarence Alexander?

American Way Hot Wings is Awesome!

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Monday, September 25, 2006

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Online Computer Courses!

Harrisburg, PA ( - Greg Russell loves his mother but he nearly lost his patience with her one day as she explained her frustration with using her computer. Instead, Russell took a deep breath and discovered a way to help Mom solve her problem by using simple language that she could understand. "I explained to her the fundamentals of computers," said Russell. "The main functions of all computers are to copy and share information. Once you learn how to do the basics, you'll see why I say computers are not difficult -- people make computers difficult."

Within minutes of explaining a few simple concepts to his mother, she performed functions she never thought possible. Russell, the Founder and CEO of, a web design, development, hosting and training company, then realized that he could take his expertise and help others like his mother. "I asked Mom if she thought her friends would like to learn more about computers," said Russell. She assured him that she wasn't the only frustrated soul in the bunch. Within weeks, Russell was teaching a classroom full of individuals of all ages and backgrounds, how to make computers fun.

His recent course, Computers Made Easy Online teaches fundamental computer concepts in a unique way that gets people to understand how to use their computers very quickly. Leveraging the power of the Internet, students will actually be able to "see" the principles in action through a powerful teaching tool that Russell uses. "People learn computers by watching or mimicking the motions that they see onscreen," said Russell. "By hearing me explain the concepts, seeing me move my cursor on screen and interacting with me, my students will shave months off of their learning curve, guaranteed."

The Computers Made Easy Class starts on September 21st at 8pm EST. The complete course consists of four (4) one-hour classes each week.

Register now at and get a special introductory discount for the first class plus over $595 in FREE bonuses!

Name: Greg Russell
Address: 880 Dartmouth St. Suite B19, Harrisburg PA 17109
Phone: 877-MY-DOT-COM (877-693-6826)

Light Skin Blacks vs. Dark Skin Blacks


Springfield, IL ( - The Capital City Courier (CCC), a local black newspaper, just keeps exposing subjects that were once simply discussed in quiet corners. Continuing their trend of publishing nationally acclaimed cover stories such as "Why Can't Blacks Work Together" and "Interracial Romance: Is Love Color Blind", this months lead story is entitled "Light Skin Blacks vs. Dark Skin Blacks" written by Kim E. Gordon. The article, which includes a thorough historical and sociological examination of this phenomenon with several points of view, has again brought out in the open a simmering debate throughout the black diaspora. This time the issue is related to the seeming incongruent circumstance that many blacks still have issues related to intra-racial discrimination while yet understanding the destructive societal impact of racism itself. How can this be?

"One of the aims of this newspaper is to talk about and raise issues on the items that we talk about in private but don't generally talk about in public," stated Michael Pittman, the editor-in-chief of the Capital City Courier. "I continue to take the stance that if blacks as a community are going to overcome, we must be able to confront the issues that sometimes make us uncomfortable" he continued.

"I clearly understand that some people may believe that bringing controversial subjects out into the light of day is simply sensationalism or possibly counterproductive," Pittman stated. "My desire is to place the spotlight on subjects that are viewed as taboo and attempt to eliminate them by the cleansing and healing light of public examination and discussion," he continued.

Pittman continued to express his desire to spark an evolution in the community's collective viewpoint from the dialogue that results due to the article. "I believe it is our place here at this little newspaper to continue with these articles that spur rippling discussions across this country," Pittman concluded.

For additional information on the Captial City Courier or the "Light Skin Blacks vs. Dark Skin Blacks" article, contact Michael Pittman at (217) 528-2998 or visit the CCC's website at

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Southern Heritage Classic? Southern Thug Classic?

I would first have to applaud Fred Jones' efforts to bring a first rate sporting event to the City of Memphis, Tennessee. However; I am dissapointed by what I had to encounter in attempting to attend The Southern Heritage Classic on this weekend! The game has historically been an opportunity for college students, alumni, and just plain families in general to enjoy. The game has always been overshadowed by The Battle of the Bands at halftime, but now the game is overshadowed by so many other non game related events. I am by no means blaming Mr. Jones for what I saw on this weekend. Yet these are my observations about the event and about the City of Memphis and its residents. First of all, their was a tremendous bottleneck of vehicles from each adjoining street that connects to the Liberty Bowl Stadium. This is to be expected whenever 50,000 or more people assemble in a small area of space. Yet, I was severely dismayed that it took me nothing short of one and a half hours just to arrive at The Liberty Bowl Stadium from Southern Avenue. I support the goodwill that is promoted by the various tailgating activities, but I am dissappointed that people that want to attend the game can't even get into the gates because they are blocked by thousands who have no intention at all of attending the game. My family's trip down Southern Avenue was interupted by the following- Cars Shows, Motorcycle Clubs, Gangs of Every Flag and Color all wearing white T-Shirts of course. We saw families having to park miles away from the Stadium who then had to pay parking fees to individuals who probably did not own the property and parking spaces that they were renting out. The same person that one would pay to park his or her vehicle, was probably the very same person that would burgularize one's vehicle once you were out of sight! The crowds of adoring sisters and mothers and grandmothers had to press past throngs of brothers with matching t-shirts on, and hanging trousers who were by no means dressed for the event. We saw a police car about every 35 vehicles that cruised by to see the sights. The City of Memphis did not have enough police on hand to manage this event. Even if you were a hard brother that doesn't take any stuff, you would be a fool to engage the crowd of thugs that just said something to your wife! Yes, a sister doesn't want a brother to just pull on her, but what is one to do when that sister had to park 7 blocks away and has to walk by 35 brothers in front of the neighborhood liquor store just to attend the game. If a fight broke out and that's a laugh because their was no doubt a fight would break out, but the question was just how many weapons were there in a five block vicinity of the game, where their enough to engage in warfare in Iraq? I saw high school kids riding 6 deep in the car, looking for something to get into! What happened to the Spirit of this game? Was it mandatory that I would view the behinds of scores of women and men who had no intention at all of attending the game! Had Freaknik been moved to Memphis? Was it completely necessary that I should not look at the heavy Chevy with 6 rough looking brothers in it that was next to me in traffic? Would they care that I am a member of the clergy? Where are our priorities? Where are we heading? Can African Americans hold "family events"? Is it true that we can't get together and hold a decent event? Will the Classic denigrate into a sideshow? Why pay for tickets, when just walking back to your car after the game could cost one his life? Mr. Jones and both of the local mayors in Memphis,Tennesee please get a grip on this quickly or you will find that the very people that pay for tickets won't come again. I had tickets and had every intention of enjoying the game, but the afore mentioned sideshow kept this brother who grew up in the heart of the "hood" and is still representing away! Please get a grip on this ASAP!

The Editor
Memphis Minority Online.Com

Teaching Black Women to Podcast!

Demetria Zinga


Faith Media Launches a Teleclass for Women in Business and Ministry Who Want to Learn How to Begin Podcasting

Demetria Zinga

Northport, AL-The rise of podcasting in today’s online circles of audio messaging has raised the eyebrows of government corporations, Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, and religious organizations. It is no surprise that the grassroots movement has spread to infiltrate nearly every industry world wide. So, why aren’t more small business owners and religious organizations taking advantage of the potential of this medium?

Demetria Zinga, founder of technology consulting and coaching company Faith Media (, attempts to bridge this gap by introducing the web’s first ongoing teleclass series on podcasting for business and ministry purposes.

The "Podcasting for Business and Ministry" teleclass will be an ongoing event and is set to launch on September 27th at 1:00 PM Central. During the teleclass, which is conducted via a telephone bridge line, Mrs. Zinga will be answering 12 of the most common questions asked about podcasting, and will provide in-depth information on the importance of beginning one’s very own podcast.

"I wanted to provide an open forum where women in business or ministry may ask questions about this new medium and how it can be applied to their life work," Zinga says. "Of course, the teleclass is open to men as well, but my main purpose on these teleclasses is to inspire women small business owners to begin tapping into the power of podcasting to improve their marketability. I also aim to assist women in ministry who have a need to get their inspirational messages across the globe by utilizing podcasting technologies to their advantage."

Although long distance charges may apply, depending on one’s individual phone company, the ongoing teleclass is free of charge. The teleclass is conducted by telephone. Registration for this event is found at Once registered, a phone number and passcode are given to all registrants.

For more information on the Podcasting for Business and Ministry teleclass, please visit In order to reach Demetria Zinga for interview purposes, please call 205-246-5088.


African American Prostate Cancer Disparity Summit


Senator John Kerry (D-MA), Congressman Gregory Meeks (D-NY), and Healthcare Leaders to Convene on Capitol Hill, September 21-22nd

Washington, DC ( - The Second Annual African American Prostate Cancer Disparity Summit (the Summit), hosted by the Prostate Health Education Network (PHEN) aims to confront the current disparity leaving black men dying at more than twice (2.4 times) the rate of any other race from prostate cancer. During this two-day Summit, prostate cancer survivors, advocates, community leaders, researchers, and policy-makers will come together to present and review information, analyze existing programs, and explore new initiatives to address the prostate cancer disparity. The discussions aim to raise awareness and to foster common understandings, as well as to form a strategic framework that will lead towards eliminating the racial disparity.

Highlighted activities during September 21-23rd include:

Thursday, September 21st

8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
Congressional Opening Ceremonies—A Call to Action

PHEN has invited Congressional leaders from the states that suffer the highest prostate cancer death rates for black men to speak about how this issue is impacting their Districts. Invited leaders include: Congressman G. K. Butterfield (D-NC); Congressman James E. Clyburn (D-SC); and Congressman Melvin L. Watt (D-NC).

9:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Why the African American Prostate Cancer Disparity?

An in-depth look at reasons why African Americans have a 60% higher incidence rate of prostate cancer than all other men, resulting in a 150% higher mortality rate. Participants from four of US News & World Report’s top five nationally-ranked best Cancer Centers will explore actions that should be undertaken to eliminate this disparity of epidemic proportions.

12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Luncheon Program with Focus on Legislative Initiatives

Summit Co-hosts Senator John F. Kerry (D-MA) and Congressman Gregory W. Meeks will join Thomas A. Farrington, President, PHEN, to introduce proposed legislation recognizing the African American prostate cancer disparity as a national epidemic that must be eliminated. Other Congressional leaders who will show their support includes: Congressman Elijah E. Cummings (D-MD); Congressman Artur Davis (D-AL); Congressman Vito Fossella (R-NY); and Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA).

Friday, September 22nd

9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
Early Detection Screening—The Benefits, Risks and Debate

There is an ongoing debate about the effectiveness of early detection screening for prostate cancer, and this session will explore the known benefits and risks for black men. Urology and technology experts representing AdMeTech; Johns Hopkins Cancer Center; Harvard Medical School; and University of Florida, will discuss new screening technologies and their effectiveness in eliminating the disparity.

11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Luncheon Presentation of Groundbreaking Cancer Vaccine

Dr. Mitchell Gold, President and CEO of the Dendreon Company. Dendreon is in phase three trials for a groundbreaking prostate cancer vaccine (PROVENGE) and plans to file an application with the FDA for approval this year. The Summit will examine the potential for this vaccine to reduce the African-American prostate cancer death rate.

Saturday, September 23rd

10:00 a.m.-Full Day
Howard University Cancer Center—Prostate Cancer Screening Event

Howard University is the nation’s only African American cancer center. The screening van will test African American men for prostate cancer, as this group suffers the world’s worst prostate cancer conditions.

Summit Events, Panels, and Luncheons
Rayburn House Office Building (Room 2168)
Washington, DC 20515

Howard University Prostate Cancer Screening Event
Prince Hall Masonic Temple
1000 U Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001


African-American Art


Swann Galleries is the Only Major Auction House to Offer Regular Sales of Works by African-American Artists

Charles White's rare lithograph entitled "Awaiting his Return," 1946, will be among the highlighs in Swann Galleries' first auction devoted to African-American Fine Art in February 2007. (Estimate: $15,000 to $25,000).

New York, NY ( - Coming on the heels of several very successful and record-breaking auctions featuring works by African-American artists, Swann Galleries is launching a new department devoted to African-American Fine Art.

This exciting new venture, headed by Nigel Freeman, Swann's Associate Director of Prints & Drawings, will offer annual auctions of prints, drawings, paintings and collages by noted African-American artists--to be held in February during Black History Month.

During the 2005-06 season, four important Romare Bearden collages sold at Swann auctions for more than $100,000 each, and new auction records were achieved for works by a number of African-American artists. This strong performance, and subsequent interest in consignments to forthcoming auctions, inspired the creation of the new department.

"There is a growing secondary market for works by African-American artists, and Swann is proud to be the only major auction house to devote regular auctions to these important pieces," said Freeman. "This segment of the fine art market is young. Our sales will establish market prices and contribute to scholarship in the field."

The first auction will feature impressive pieces by Romare Bearden, Elizabeth Catlett, Charles White, and Hale Woodruff.

Swann Galleries is also the only major auction house to conduct regular sales devoted to Printed & Manuscript African Americana, a growing field of collecting that includes books, manuscripts, historical documents, autographs, photographs, historical prints, posters, and other ephemera. These auctions, conceived and organized by specialist Wyatt H. Day in 1996, attract a large and enthusiastic clientele.

The consignment deadline for the February 2007 auctions of African-American Fine Art and Printed & Manuscript African Americana is November 20.

For further information, and to propose consignments to the first auction devoted to African-American Fine Art, which will boast a full-color catalogue, please contact Nigel Freeman at 212-254-4710, extension 33, or

To propose consignments to the 12th annual auction of Printed & Manuscript African-Americana, please contact Wyatt H. Day, at 212-254-4710, extension 80, or

About Swann Auction Galleries
Swann Galleries was founded in 1941 as an auction house specializing in Rare and Antiquarian Books, and today is the largest specialist auctioneers of Works on Paper in the world. Swann conducts an average of 40 sales a year, encompassing Books, Autographs, Maps, Photographs & Photographic Literature, Prints & Drawings, and Vintage Posters. There are annual special-subject sales devoted to African-Americana, Magic and Space Exploration. Visit for more information.

Interesting View on Survivor Series


By Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Columnist

The howls were loud and long when the producers of CBS’s Survivor show announced in August that they would racially segregate contestants on their opening segment September 14. The more charitable critics blasted it as cheap ploy to boost ratings. The harsher ones blasted it as an invitation to start a new race war. There was even some loose talk about boycotting the show and its sponsors, but that didn’t, nor should it have gone anywhere.

That will virtually guarantee the ratings rocket burst that the show’s producers want. In fact, they made no secret that they hope that the controversy will jump start its flagging ratings.

But the show’s producers realize that touting racial segregation to get a point or two bump up in ratings is much too brash and crass. The fall back defense is that the experiment as they call it will promote diversity. And they’re probably right.

Survivor has been hammered for the scarcity of black and brown faces. If it takes segregation to get more of them on there, than so be it. But that won’t last. In past episodes the show has paired contestants by age and gender and they eventually merged with each other. The same will happen with the racially paired contestants. But even if the contestants had remained gender and age pigeonholed, the contestants eventually rub shoulders with each other during the competition.

Sadly, millions of Americans won’t do the same. The Sunday church hour is still as the old saying goes one of the most segregated hours in America. In school cafeterias, office lunchrooms, and at countless social events, blacks, Latinos, Asians, and whites more often than not huddle tightly together in their separate racial enclaves. There is no prohibition against them mixing and mingling, but it’s simply chalked up to personal and social preference.

The recent incident in which a white Coushatta, Louisiana school bus driver ordered a handful of black students to the back of her bus drew rage and protest from black parents. The driver was properly reprimanded. But if she hadn’t done a dumb, mindless act, the black and white children probably would have arranged their seating along racial lines anyway.

The reality of self-segregation was revealing and embarrassing at a recent gathering of top Latino, black, white and Asian activists in Los Angeles. The issue was of all things how to reduce ethnic tensions following racially charged incidences of violence in the schools and jails.

Midway through the meeting one of the participants stood up and demanded that the group look around the room and note how the participants were sitting. We did, and sure enough, the blacks were sitting with the blacks, the Latinos with the Latinos, the Asians with the Asians, and the whites next to each other. He didn’t have to say what we all thought. If those that regard themselves as the most enlightened, and proactive on racial issues, self-segregate, than it takes little imagination to figure that bridging the racial divide is a tough one. And it’s getting tougher.

Most big city schools are more segregated than a decade ago, and they are also poorer and miserably failing. Residential segregation is still the norm in most of these cities, and even when blacks and Latinos integrate neighborhoods, they often don’t stay that way very long, white flight insures that they are soon re-segregated.

Despite the well-publicized shove to the top of black executives at American Express, Merrill Lynch, and AOL Time Warner, black CEOs are still a rarity at most of the Fortune 1000 corporations. The overwhelming majority of senior managers at these companies are white males. Many blacks discover that departments or divisions within the same company are top heavy with black employees and managers while others are virtually lily-white.

Years later many still find themselves stuck in the same dead-end positions, or stacked into the corporate ghetto jobs or positions such as director, VP, or manager of community relations, or equal employment opportunity or human resources, or assigned to oversee special markets (i.e. black or minority) In America’s jails and prisons, a black, Latino, or white inmate takes his life in his hands if he strays too far from his own group on the yard or the tiers.

That’s only the big-ticket stuff of segregation. There are the less visible, and less easily provable, annoying race distinctions. The cabs that whiz by black or Latino passengers, the police officer that routinely stops and frisks young blacks and Latinos solely because they are young, black and Latino, and the galling indignity of being followed by security guards and ignored by clerks and sales personnel in department stores. They are thorn in the side reminders that race in far too many cases still matters.

A fantasy reality show did not make the real life reality of America’s lingering, and insidious segregation. But if Survivor makes millions of Americans think, and think hard, about that reality, than the show should be applauded not jeered. columnist Earl Ofari Hutchinson is the author of the forthcoming, The Emerging Black GOP Majority (Middle Passage Press, September 2006), a hard-hitting look at Bush and The GOP’s court of black voters. For order information, see

For media interviews, contact:
Mr. Hutchinson at 323-296-6331 or

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hot Websites!

Educating Youth on the Music Business!

For immediate Release
CrossRoads of the Music Industry
Exposing and Educating Today’s Youth on the Music Business
MEMPHIS, TN (August 28, 2006)Twenty-one-year-old entrepreneur Christian Davis, founder of Jekade Entertainment in association with SPECIALS, Inc, Frito Lay, SERVE Holding/Captain D’s,, LeMoyne-Owen Community Development Corporation and the Memphis and Shelby County Music Commission, presents Crossroads of the Music Industry—an event designed to educate the citizens of Memphis and Shelby County on opportunities relating to pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, September 4 through September 9th.
This exciting four-part event provides unique opportunities for Memphis City and Shelby County students. First, on the morning of September 7th at the University of Memphis’ Rose Theatre, students meet face to face a group of well-known, experienced panelists in the music industry for a Panel Discussion (with local Memphis artists Larry Dodson of the Bar-Kays and Frayser Boy of Three 6 Mafia and other panelists – record executive Antonio “2-Shay” Parkinson, producer Ralph Sutton, art director Brandon Seavers, James Power CPA, entertainment attorney and college professor Tonya Butler, Esq. and Memphis City School Board commissioner Tomeka Hart, Esq.) followed by an Industry Career Fair completed with college recruiters and industry professionals. Admission is free and the public is invited.
Next on September 9th at Lunch With The Professionals, selected students are mentored by entrepreneurs and corporate executives, such as Charles Ewing, Ewing Moving Service; Willie Gregory, Nike; Fred Jones, Summit Management and others. The week-long event closes out with the ‘Ultimate Showdown & City-Wide Talent Show’ at Booker T. Washington High School featuring amateur contestants and professional performances by local Memphis artists PSmoov, Kinfolk Thugs, Skat Cat, Al Capone (Hustle & Flow), Miscellaneous, Tom Ski Mask, Nitty Gritty and Choosy. Tickets are $10 at the door. Tickets are $10 at the door. For information on auditions, which will be held September 7th, contact Christian Davis at (901) 859-0016.
Crossroads kicks off with a press conference hosted by the Memphis and Shelby County Music Commission on Monday, September 4, 2006, 10:00am at B.B. King’s Blues Club, 139 Beale Street. # # #
To arrange for interviews, contact Tarrin McGhee at (901) 409-2440 or contact Christian Davis directly at (901) 859-0016

Florence M. Howard
President and Founder
Secret Shop Communicators
P.O. Box 753897
Memphis, TN 38175-3897
Phone: (901) 827-0836

Hot Event for African-American Women!

September 1, 2006

Chantell Seymore
Legacy Entertainment Inc.
800-203-8219 x5


Denver, CO ( - Presenting the 5th Annual Sistah Summit Retreat November 2-5, 2006. This four day retreat is taking place Thursday, November 2nd through Sunday, November 5th in the aesthetically stunning and spiritually stimulating southwest desert city of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The retreat is designed for the sole purpose of helping women of color step out of their regular environments to see, learn and share things they usually don't have the opportunity to do in the hustle of day to day living. It is a time to Commit, Connect, Commune, and Celebrate through wonderful workshops, indulgent spas and treatment and inspirational speakers. Guest appearances include national television personalities and psychologists Dr. Robin L. Smith, Dr. Brenda Wade, and transformational specialist Rev. Andriette Earl. It is an opportunity to travel for transformation. The Mountains Are Calling You!

"I see the summit as the ultimate mountaintop retreat, combining empowerment, spiritual awareness and nature," noted Rhonda Jackson, Owner of Legacy Entertainment and founder of the Sistah Summit. "In simple terms, 'coming out of the concrete' of an urban setting and taking a journey into God's country. It allows women an opportunity to 'come and play,'" to attend to those things most important in life and go forth to tackle life challenges with new vigor," she added.

With the intimate balance of music to heal, personal stories to share, and thoughts to explore, the Sistah Summit is the perfect place for you to work through those nagging questions like "what do I want to do with the rest of my life" or "what kind of relationship do I really want?" or "how can I move to my higher self?" From overeating to stress to depression, the Summit creates a safe place for you to put it all on the table and get the answers you deserve.

If your world has become frazzled, overwhelming and challenging on all ends, the Sistah Summit is the warm bath you'll need to wash away the dirt from the old path you've traveled so that you can see, more clearly, the new road that awaits you in this life. It is for you, it is for your family, it is for the world. We await you at The Sistah Summit. Call us, today at 1-800-203-8219 or visit us at and claim your space.

Legacy Entertainment Inc.
A leader in special events for women and communities of color.

Legacy Entertainment Inc.
Chantell Seymore 800-203-8219 ext. 5

Business Resources!

Diamond Engagement Rings!

Empowering Black Men!

Washington, DC ( - This October, Randal Pinkett and Kwame Jackson will join a group of national business experts that have answered the call to share their experiences, winning tactics and advice during the 2006 Securing Your Legacy - African American Man's Empowerment Weekend (AAMEW).

This event marks the first time that Randal Pinkett, winner of the 2005 season of NBC's "The Apprentice" and Kwame Jackson, the first runner up of the show's first season, will serve on a panel together. "Pinkett and Jackson have demonstrated that African American men can compete and succeed against America's best," said Theresa Royal, CMP, president of Royal Events, LLC (a minority woman owned and operated event management-company and AAMEW organizer).

However, according to Royal, this weekend is about more than Pinkett and Jackson's success. "It's about [African American] men being among the very best. But, we're not focused just on individual self-improvement; we are discussing building a tradition of achievement that will benefit future generations."

A Men of Distinction (MOD) Dinner is being hosted to honor men that embody this Royal notion of legacy building. Among this year's nominees are Dr. Randal Pinkett (President and CEO of BCT Partners), Kwame Jackson (Chairman and Co-Founder of Legacy Holdings LLC), Earl Graves, Sr. (publisher "Black Enterprise" Magazine), Donnie Simpson (Radio Personality, Infinity Broadcasting), Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and Howard University.

By creating a forum for such an uncommon blend of professional, social and financial health for African American men, Royal Events, LLC hopes to achieve one overall mission, "bolstering African American men's ability to compete, succeed and create a lasting trail for others to follow."

Included in this year's Securing Your Legacy Weekend:

* Leveraged to the Hilt - William Keating, MBA, aka Professor Bill, motivational speaker and author

* Moving From Ideal Days to an Ideal Life - Terrell Whitener, MA, Productive Workforce Development, LLC

* The Organizational Game Revealed - Harvey Coleman, MBA, Coleman Management Consultants

* Giving Back Golf Tournament with partial proceeds benefiting youth achievement programming

The 2006 Securing Your Legacy - African American Man's Empowerment weekend will be hosted October 19-22, 2006 at the Marriott Westfields in Chantilly, VA. For more information visit or call 301-262-3472.


Delta Sigma Theta!

August 18, 2006

Gwendolyn Crump
202-986-2400, ext. 384


(left to right) Rita Waters, National Convention Coordinator, and Dr. Louise A. Rice, 23rd National President, pictured with Delta Sigma Theta award recipients Johnnie Walker, Michael Days and Joan Myers Brown. Walker, a recording industry executive, and Myers Brown, who founded the Philadelphia Dance Company, both received the Osceola Award, the Sororitys highest award in the arts. Days, who is editor of the Philadelphia Daily News, received the Lillian Award, which honors media professionals.Philadelphia, PA
( - Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., made a major commitment to three Historically Black Colleges and Universities during its 48th National Convention held in late July 2006 in Philadelphia. At the convention's public meeting program, Dr. Louise A. Rice, the Sorority's national president, explained that the Delta National Executive Board and its Hurricane Relief Task Force stipulated that major financial contributions be made to the HBCU's affected by Hurricane Katrina. Collectively $700,000 will be awarded to Dillard, Xavier, and Southern Universities over the next five years.

The recipient of the Delta's Distinguished Professor Endowed Chair Award for the 2006-08 biennium is Southern University at New Orleans. Dr. Victor Ukpolo, chancellor of SUNO, was in attendance at the Delta convention, where he received the first installment of $100,000 for the Distinguished Professor Award. Dr. Rice also announced that Dillard and Xavier Universities will each receive $250,000 over the next five-years.

More than 12,000 Deltas attended the biennial meeting held in Philadelphia for the first time in 85 years. The week-long meeting featured program initiatives and workshops in health, social action, economic development and the arts; award presentations; and special events. A current program initiative of the Sorority is the Lifestyle Change Initiative. The Sorority implemented it's first Lose to Win: Total Woman Healthy Weight Program which charts the course for Deltas and women in their local communities to maintain healthy lifestyles through proper nutrition, exercise regimens, and spiritual development. Dr. Rice stated that major emphasis is being given to decrease the incidence of obesity by achieving and maintaining a healthy weight in an effort to combat heart disease-the leading cause of death among women.

In addition to striving for good health, Delta convention participants also received updates on the Sorority's economic development program, Financial Fortitude which focuses on financial planning and financial literacy to empower sorors and community members to learn how to achieve financial goals. A major component of the economic development program is The Delta Challenge: Homeownership Initiative. "Delta Sigma Theta Sorority is resolutely determined to help empower African-Americans by providing tools and information that will enable them to become homeowners, an important aspect of wealth building," said the DST national president.

This year, the Sorority's highest award for outstanding service, The Mary Church Terrell Award, was presented to Delta member Elaine R. Jones, former director and general counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. A special recognition award was presented to noted attorney Frankie Muse Freeman, of St. Louis and former national president of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Freeman, a former member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, was recognized for exemplary leadership in civil rights and social justice spanning several decades. The Patricia Roberts Harris Medallion for Excellence in Government Service was presented to Mayor Marcia L. Fudge of Warrensville Heights, OH and a past national president of Delta, and to State Senator Diana Bajoie of Louisiana. Vice Chancellor Adelaide Sanford of the New York State Board of Education was presented the Althea T.L. Simmons Social Action Award. Other honorees included Michael Days, editor of the Philadelphia Daily News, who received The Lillian Award presented to outstanding media professionals; Johnnie Walker, recording industry executive, and Joan Myers Brown, founder and director of the Philadelphia Dance Company (Philadanco), each received the Sorority's highest art award-The Osceola.

The next national convention of Delta will be held in Orlando, FL in 2008.

Jesse Jackson!


Rev. Jesse Jackson

Houston, TX ( - The Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr., president and founder of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, will deliver the keynote address at the 12th Annual African American Business Achievement Pinnacle Awards (Pinnacle Awards) gala. Jackson will address some 500 expected attendees at the black-tie event hosted by the Houston Citizens Chamber of Commerce (HCCC). The Pinnacle Awards gala date has been changed to Friday, Oct. 13, 2006, to accommodate Jackson's schedule. The event location and time remain the same, The Houston Club, 811 Rusk Avenue, beginning at 7 p.m.

Jackson is one of America's foremost political figures. Over the past 30 years he has played a pivotal role in virtually every movement for empowerment, peace, civil rights, gender equality, and economic social justice.

He has been called the "conscience of the nation" and "the great unifier," challenging America to establish just and humane priorities. Jackson is known for bringing people together on common ground across lines of race, class, gender and belief.

"We're pleased to welcome Rev. Jackson to Houston and believe it's fitting as we honor African American business achievement and economic empowerment," said Val Thompson, executive director of HCCC. "Rev. Jackson has been at the forefront of civil rights and has influenced public policy to level the playing field for minority business owners for years."

The Pinnacle Awards spotlight and honor African-American businesses that have achieved success by combining vision, determination, commitment, perseverance and dedication to building strong communities.

The prior 44 Pinnacle Award recipients cross all business sectors and disciplines. Past winners include Houston business leaders such as: Dr. Wanda Mott, The Women's Specialists of Houston; Borris Miles, Borris L. Miles Insurance Agency; Deavra Daughtry, Excel E-Care; David Hollins, Sr., Hollins Financial Group; Darryl King, Quality Concession Foods, Inc.; DeAndre Sam, A-Rocket Moving & Storage; Al Colbert, Colbert Ball Tax Service; Harlon Brooks, Harlon's BBQ; David Harris, Best Staff Services; Anthony Chase, ChaseCom; and Jean D. Morency and Effie Booker, Cabana Car Wash, and many others.

The nomination deadline is Friday, Aug. 18, and forms may be obtained on the Chamber's Web site, or by calling 713-522-9745.

Gala sponsorships are available to demonstrate support and strengthen business ties to the African-American community. To request an underwriting package, please call 281-213-9554.

About Houston Citizens Chamber of Commerce
Since 1935, the Houston Citizens Chamber of Commerce has represented the interests of and promoted greater unity among the African-American business community. Today, HCCC is evolving its programs to assist African-American businesses to become more diverse and move into the global arena. For more information, visit or call 713-522-9745.

About The Rainbow PUSH Coalition
Rainbow PUSH Coalition is a progressive organization that seeks to protect civil rights, even the economic and educational playing fields in all aspects of American life and bring peace to the world. For more information about the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, 930 E. 50th St. in Chicago, please visit, or telephone (773) 373-3366.


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Tavis Smiley!

Los Angeles, CA ( - Readers who made the Covenant with Black America a New York Times #1 bestseller now have a new virtual meeting place to converse, share ideas and implement action plans to address pressing issues facing African Americans.

Tavis Smiley, editor of The Covenant, announced the new features and re-launch of the website,, on the nationally-syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show. The new site will launch Thursday, Aug. 17.

The Covenant with Black America is a national plan of action to address the primary concerns of African Americans today -- from health to housing, from crime to criminal justice, from education to economic parity. Since its debut in February the book has ignited interest from grassroots upstarts to established national organizations seeking to adopt one or more of its 10 key tenants.

"We wanted to move from a site that simply provided information about The Covenant to one that allows everyone committed to creating a Covenant project to meet and share ideas," said Smiley.

"Literally every day since the book's release I've heard from folks all around the country about their efforts, ideas and plans on making this book a living, breathing, walking, talking movement for making Black America better. This new more robust site will allow folks to congregate in cyberspace. It's exciting to see this unfold."

On the site visitors can sign the official Covenant pledge, send legislators a copy of the Covenant policy goals, link to voter registration sites, download tools for organizing and research and participate in blogs with Covenant experts, including Smiley, Princeton University professor Cornel West and Angela Glover Blackwell, founder and chief executive officer, PolicyLink. Special areas will include tips on organizing for faith communities, feedback sections, announcements and donor pages.

"The key phrase is now Covenant Connectivity," said Smiley. "Day or night, 24 hours a day anyone can log onto the website and get plugged into the progress of The Covenant."

For more information about The Covenant project, visit

About the Covenant with Black America
The Covenant with Black America is a national plan of action to address the primary concerns of African Americans today -- from health to housing, from crime to criminal justice, from education to economic parity. The frustration and angst felt by Black Americans post-Hurricane Katrina, from California to the Carolinas, is palpable. As we move toward the national elections of 2006 and 2008, Black Americans are entitled to have questions answered and visions shared of where our leaders want to take this country and a blueprint for how we get there. For more information visit

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Black Planet.Com

Spotlighting the Marion Group!

Is Love Colorblind?

Michael Pittman


Springfield, IL ( - The Capital City Courier (CCC), a local black newspaper, just keeps examining controversial subjects. Following up on their nationally acclaimed cover stories entitled "Why Can't Blacks Work Together" and "Can Black Women Raise Black Boys To Be Black Men?", this month's issue touches on "Interracial Relationships: Is Love Color Blind". The article, which includes interviews with several interracial couples, has again brought out in the open a simmering debate within the black community. This time the issue is related to the seeming incongruent circumstance that many blacks still have issues with interracial couples while yet acknowledging the historic nature and societal impact of racism itself. Does love truly conquer all?

"It has been my desire from the founding of this newspaper to put into print issues that are being discussed by blacks in private almost everyday throughout our community," stated Michael Pittman, the editor-in-chief of the Capital City Courier. "I continue to believe that if we are going to see ourselves progress as a community, we must be able to raise and discuss the issues that sometimes make us uncomfortable," he continued.

"Some may believe that bringing controversial subjects out into the light of day is simply sensationalism or possibly counterproductive," Pittman stated. "My desire is to place the spotlight on subjects that are sometimes seen as taboo and take the mystery or sting from them by public examination and discussion," he continued.

Pittman once again expressed his desire to spark an evolution in the community's collective viewpoint from the dialogue that results due to the article. "In fact, I hope we can continue with this article to spur similar responses across America much like the other articles," Pittman concluded.

For additional information on the Captial City Courier or the "Interracial Relationships: Is Love Color Blind" article, contact Michael Pittman at (217) 528-2998 or visit the CCC's website at