Monday, January 01, 2007

Letter Addressed to Editor of Memphis Commercial Appeal

City Problems Not All of One Color!

The recent tone in many of the letters to the eitor in the Commercial Appeal has left me amazed. I am aware that Memphis has a decided African American majority. However, local black politicians taking bribes and our inner city's gang problems are not the only things in this city that need to be corrected. Very few savvy individuals would believe that recent federal investigations have eliminated corruption in our city.
Our city has a festering race relations problem that needs to be addressed. So often in the letters to the editor I read that various writers are canceling their subscriptions after your newspaper makes an endorsement that many don't agree with, such as your recent endorsement of Harold Ford Jr. in his run for the U. S. Senate. Every problem in this city does not have an African American face tied to it.
Sensational journalism would dictate that a media outlet would scare the dickens out of its readers each and every day until they are so scared that to miss the daily news for just one day would bring the scourge of our city to each reader's front door. I don't agree with the slant of recent articles and the response that those articles have garnered. For every corrupt local African American politician, for every black gang banger arrested at Houston High or Cordova High that our local media always highlights, there are 20 hardworking local African Americans working exceptionally hard to make the American dream a reality. Let's cover some of them more oftem!
By the way, I don't think that Mayor Willie Herenton killed the manatee!

Stephen F. Smith

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