Sunday, April 15, 2007

Thaddeus Matthews' Blog

Thaddeus Matthews and his informative blog has changed it's URL to Thaddeus Matthews.Com


coolcat said...

In cases like the DeAnta Farrow case, it would be interesting if some news organization or group concerned with the truth would offer to pay for lie detector tests for any parties making statements. Of course, it would be voluntary and have no legal bearing, but it would shed a lot of light.

coolcat said...

I discovered of Thaddeus about 5 years ago, and have always found him a very interesting talk show host. However, on December 28 I question the comment that only whites can be racist, because blacks have a legitimate reason to dislike whites. He also said that any white should have a fair amount of money because their ancestors have had 400 years of free labor. Most whites in the US at this time did not have ancestors in America at the time of slavery; and of the ones that did only a minority owned slaves. Even Barack Obama is alleged to have had some white ancestors who owned slaves. In our lifetimes, more blacks have killed whites than whites have killed blacks.Although obiously a higher percentage of whites r self employed than blacks r ; however, the majority of whites in the US r also employees.In my opinion the all or mostly white jury that absolved the cops who beat Rodney king were racist; but the black rioters who beat up the white truck driver in the riot that ensued were also racist.

Anonymous said...

Would someone please define what you think racism it? Every night we turn on the television and see crime after crime committed, mostly by black males. We hear of rapes, robberies, assaults, carjackings, gangs, drugs. Then, everyone is SO SHOCKED when we are suspicious and leary of black males! WHAT IN THE WORLD DO YOU EXPECT!? Why aren't law abiding black citizens outraged by this behavior?! It only makes things more difficult for those of you who are trying to create a decent life for yourselves and your families. I don't see it as racism. I see it as realism. Why is everyone so hostile when Bill Cosby speaks the truth about proper dress, behavior, education, etc? Until you know if the black man approaching you or the one ringing your doorbell is a "man of goodwill" why should you trust him after everything that is reported? I can't think of any reason! That very male may be the lead story on the 6 o'clock news!
Get real!

sick of memfrica said...

1. Leave Bobby O Jay alone. He's way cooler than you will ever be and I think you are just jealous, anyway.

2. Stop disrespecting in "you people are all upset about euthanizing "A DOG". They feel everything we feel, maybe more. I'm not against humane euthanisia when it is necessary. I'm just against people referring to animals as if they have less feelings and needs than we do.

3. Have you thought of a good sheltered workshop job?