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Hot Event for African-American Women!

September 1, 2006

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Denver, CO ( - Presenting the 5th Annual Sistah Summit Retreat November 2-5, 2006. This four day retreat is taking place Thursday, November 2nd through Sunday, November 5th in the aesthetically stunning and spiritually stimulating southwest desert city of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The retreat is designed for the sole purpose of helping women of color step out of their regular environments to see, learn and share things they usually don't have the opportunity to do in the hustle of day to day living. It is a time to Commit, Connect, Commune, and Celebrate through wonderful workshops, indulgent spas and treatment and inspirational speakers. Guest appearances include national television personalities and psychologists Dr. Robin L. Smith, Dr. Brenda Wade, and transformational specialist Rev. Andriette Earl. It is an opportunity to travel for transformation. The Mountains Are Calling You!

"I see the summit as the ultimate mountaintop retreat, combining empowerment, spiritual awareness and nature," noted Rhonda Jackson, Owner of Legacy Entertainment and founder of the Sistah Summit. "In simple terms, 'coming out of the concrete' of an urban setting and taking a journey into God's country. It allows women an opportunity to 'come and play,'" to attend to those things most important in life and go forth to tackle life challenges with new vigor," she added.

With the intimate balance of music to heal, personal stories to share, and thoughts to explore, the Sistah Summit is the perfect place for you to work through those nagging questions like "what do I want to do with the rest of my life" or "what kind of relationship do I really want?" or "how can I move to my higher self?" From overeating to stress to depression, the Summit creates a safe place for you to put it all on the table and get the answers you deserve.

If your world has become frazzled, overwhelming and challenging on all ends, the Sistah Summit is the warm bath you'll need to wash away the dirt from the old path you've traveled so that you can see, more clearly, the new road that awaits you in this life. It is for you, it is for your family, it is for the world. We await you at The Sistah Summit. Call us, today at 1-800-203-8219 or visit us at and claim your space.

Legacy Entertainment Inc.
A leader in special events for women and communities of color.

Legacy Entertainment Inc.
Chantell Seymore 800-203-8219 ext. 5

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