Monday, September 25, 2006

Online Computer Courses!

Harrisburg, PA ( - Greg Russell loves his mother but he nearly lost his patience with her one day as she explained her frustration with using her computer. Instead, Russell took a deep breath and discovered a way to help Mom solve her problem by using simple language that she could understand. "I explained to her the fundamentals of computers," said Russell. "The main functions of all computers are to copy and share information. Once you learn how to do the basics, you'll see why I say computers are not difficult -- people make computers difficult."

Within minutes of explaining a few simple concepts to his mother, she performed functions she never thought possible. Russell, the Founder and CEO of, a web design, development, hosting and training company, then realized that he could take his expertise and help others like his mother. "I asked Mom if she thought her friends would like to learn more about computers," said Russell. She assured him that she wasn't the only frustrated soul in the bunch. Within weeks, Russell was teaching a classroom full of individuals of all ages and backgrounds, how to make computers fun.

His recent course, Computers Made Easy Online teaches fundamental computer concepts in a unique way that gets people to understand how to use their computers very quickly. Leveraging the power of the Internet, students will actually be able to "see" the principles in action through a powerful teaching tool that Russell uses. "People learn computers by watching or mimicking the motions that they see onscreen," said Russell. "By hearing me explain the concepts, seeing me move my cursor on screen and interacting with me, my students will shave months off of their learning curve, guaranteed."

The Computers Made Easy Class starts on September 21st at 8pm EST. The complete course consists of four (4) one-hour classes each week.

Register now at and get a special introductory discount for the first class plus over $595 in FREE bonuses!

Name: Greg Russell
Address: 880 Dartmouth St. Suite B19, Harrisburg PA 17109
Phone: 877-MY-DOT-COM (877-693-6826)

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