Monday, September 25, 2006

Light Skin Blacks vs. Dark Skin Blacks


Springfield, IL ( - The Capital City Courier (CCC), a local black newspaper, just keeps exposing subjects that were once simply discussed in quiet corners. Continuing their trend of publishing nationally acclaimed cover stories such as "Why Can't Blacks Work Together" and "Interracial Romance: Is Love Color Blind", this months lead story is entitled "Light Skin Blacks vs. Dark Skin Blacks" written by Kim E. Gordon. The article, which includes a thorough historical and sociological examination of this phenomenon with several points of view, has again brought out in the open a simmering debate throughout the black diaspora. This time the issue is related to the seeming incongruent circumstance that many blacks still have issues related to intra-racial discrimination while yet understanding the destructive societal impact of racism itself. How can this be?

"One of the aims of this newspaper is to talk about and raise issues on the items that we talk about in private but don't generally talk about in public," stated Michael Pittman, the editor-in-chief of the Capital City Courier. "I continue to take the stance that if blacks as a community are going to overcome, we must be able to confront the issues that sometimes make us uncomfortable" he continued.

"I clearly understand that some people may believe that bringing controversial subjects out into the light of day is simply sensationalism or possibly counterproductive," Pittman stated. "My desire is to place the spotlight on subjects that are viewed as taboo and attempt to eliminate them by the cleansing and healing light of public examination and discussion," he continued.

Pittman continued to express his desire to spark an evolution in the community's collective viewpoint from the dialogue that results due to the article. "I believe it is our place here at this little newspaper to continue with these articles that spur rippling discussions across this country," Pittman concluded.

For additional information on the Captial City Courier or the "Light Skin Blacks vs. Dark Skin Blacks" article, contact Michael Pittman at (217) 528-2998 or visit the CCC's website at

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