Monday, October 02, 2006

African American Neckwear Firm

Powder Springs, GA -Clothing retailer and boutiques alike will be excited about 3 new innovative and patented designer neckties that are called The Diamond Cut, The Circle Cut and The Square Cut neckties under the private labels of Shamel James for men and the Ellese Morgan collections for women.

Designed and patented by Melvin and Traci Bryant of Mo'Twin Designs, Inc. The company is the first and only business to create its own line of designer cut neckties designed exclusively for men and women. The unique features of the necktie designs are in the shape and cut of the ties.

"For many years, the traditional necktie has been worn to compliment the attire of millions of individual who wears them, however there has been no reasonable change to the cut of the necktie until now," says President and C.E.O. Melvin J. Bryant II.

"We designed our neckties to give necktie wearers a choice as to what style and cut of necktie they would like to wear with their attire, also to add diversity to the traditional necktie market."

The company launched their new line of designer neckties in January 2006 at the Atlanta Apparel Mart. Established in June of 2005, the neckties are very unique and impressive in their designs and will create a new trend for the necktie industry.

Additional information:
Retail cost: $49.99 - $65.00

Melvin or Traci Bryant


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