Thursday, October 26, 2006

Memphis Prepares for 99th Annual COGIC Convocation!

The Saints Are Coming! Memphis Prepares for 99th Annual COGIC Convocation!
You know you're COGIC when:

1. You refer to any women who's slightly older than you as "mother"

2. You think a woman is dressed because they have on a hat that is
either 3 feet wide or has feathers or rhinestones all over it

3. You're a man and you don't feel your outfit is complete without a
pair of cufflinks (preferably the COGIC seal ones)

4. You refer to the trip that the COGIC saints take in November as
Memphis instead of the Holy Convocation

5. You can sing your behind off while barely trying

6. People think you are "grand" ... hey you are a part of the grand
ole church

7. People come up to you and say how is Bishop Patterson doing like
you go home to see him every night

8. You take pride everytime you hear someone sing "YES" in knowing
that your founder BISHOP C. H. MASON wrote it

9. If someone says the words Church of God in Christ or the acronym
COGIC, you feel a quickening

10. You buy at least 3 new outfits and a new mink every year

11. You're used to seeing people wear minks in 60 degree weather

12. You leave church (especially in memphis) and go to one of the
following to stuff your face: Denny's, the buffet, TGI Fridays, the
diner, thee waffle house, pigglywiggly's, the Marriot, Catfish
Cabin, or IHOP

13. You don't think it's normal for a church service to pass without
someone dancing, falling out, speakiing in tongues, etc.

14. You take pride in knowing that there is a bond between you and
the following: the Clark Sisters (Twinkie, Jacky, Dorinda & Karen),
Tamela & David Mann, Timothy Wright, J Moss, Kim Burrell, Michelle
Williams, Kierra Kiki Sheard, Judith Christie McAllister, and the
many other gospel artists who are(or at least got their start) in
the COGIC fold

15. If you can finish this song ... "This is the ...

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