Monday, October 02, 2006

Hot New African American Clothing Line!


David Hutcherson

Wilberforce, OH ( - LP Apparel, a new innovative clothing line that is destined to take over the fashion world, is becoming the biggest trend to hit Historical Black Colleges and University's.

Founded by CEO, David Hutcherson in April 2004, LP Apparel was first known for the LIVEPROUD(TM) wristband, primarily sold on college campuses. With a concept parallel to LIVESTRONG® fashions, Hutcherson produced the red, black and green tinted LIVEPROUD(TM) silicone wristband. The purpose of the wristband is to serve as a testament of hope, a way of encouragement and a representation of pride for the African American race.

Following the success of the LIVEPROUD(TM) wristband fad, Hutcherson executed a bigger vision thus launching LP Apparel in August 2005. Each design created for the clothing line sets Hutcherson apart from many other designers. The mission of LP Apparel is to provide consumers an opportunity to empower themselves and raise social awareness of the African American community. "I live by the phrase 'Reflection of the soul'. Most people do not know the meaning behind the attire they wear or the symbols they display on their clothes. I decided to promote and create a clothing line that has a positive meaning for African Americans and serve as an exhibit of our history and unity," said Hutcherson.

Since 2005, LP Apparel has grown tremendously and has become one of the most talked about clothing lines among African American college students. Consumers can find a wide collection of men and women t-shirts, in all sizes, which offer diverse style and a positive meaning. LP Apparel will continue to expand with original styles of LP Apparel jewelry, jackets, polo's, pants and much more, which can be found on the Official LP Apparel website.

Hutcherson is a graduating senior, at Wilberforce University, majoring in business management. A Chicago native, Hutcherson has attended several college job fairs, served as a host for Russell Simmons Convocation at Wilberforce University, attended The African Festival in Indianapolis, IN, and hosted an exclusive LP Apparel fashion show in Wilberforce, OH.

For more information about LP Apparel, please visit or call (773) 426-0147.

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