Sunday, September 03, 2006

College Preparation Blog!

I am writing you to ask that you consider posting or linking my College Preparation blog in Black
It is located at: It provides college preparation for high school students/parents, scholarship opportunities, internships, grants, etc. The audience is for high school students, undergraduates, graduates, parents, etc. The blog also contain current job posting. I also have included a 37 page college preparation document on the blog. I was selected as the "Site of the Week" by the African American Mission. The blog is also being added to other National websites. The blog has excellent information and I have gotten many positive results from doing college prep and now using the blog to provide my information.

Please visit my College Preparation blog at:
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C. Herd said...

Both Blogs were nominated finalist for the for the following areas: nominated Best Site for Single Parents nominated Best E-letter for Knowledge: newsletter

C. Herd said...

Stanley Crouch of the New York Daily News promoted my blog in his synicated column for NY Daily News on today, September 14, 2006. For someone of his stature to feel that my blog on College Preparation ( should be read or use as a college resource is beyond words that I can't express. I will always be grateful that he felt that information is worthy of this type of exposure. Also one of Mr. Couch goal is to educate African Americans and other Minorities on how to get information on how to prepare for college or get scholarships, etc. I am currently getting hits from the New York area and hopefully many will be hitting the site from all over the country.

The URL to the article is listed below:

Another link for Mr. Couch is: