Monday, September 25, 2006

What Can We Do to Change Memphis?

Post Your Suggestions here!


Unlisted said...

Not sure exactly what you mean by this question, (i.e., are you speaking in terms of political, economic, or social?)

As it is, a few things come to mind:

- Memphis needs to find a way to keep more of its young talent. Today, the most talented youth leave Memphis to be educated and seldom return. Many leave for Atlanta, New York, DC, Houston and other places. This is a brain drain. Memphis needs to find a way to keep this talent while also drawing talent from other cities.

- Redevelop and upgrade the Whitehaven/Graceland/Airport area and make it a major tourist magnet. This is the place where many enter the city and it does not look good. Need to move forward on changing this. The public parks need to be upgraded, streets cleaned up and repaved, and the entire area generally redone to make it what it SHOULD be

- Political leadership should try to draw more hi-tech jobs to Memphis. Perhaps the U of M could work in conjuntion with the city leadership to develop a plan to foster technology based industries

- Memphians generally have a low esteem about the city. Perhaps some PSAs could pick up the attitude.

Editor said...

Good suggestions!